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An example of excellent web design in Cornwall - Incandescence Circus Theatre Company

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The Drawing Board is a marketing and communications company based near Padstow and Wadebridge in North Cornwall. We are about fresh design to meet business objectives with activities ranging from the creation of new brands to building websites, and developing software solutions. Our portfolio

Company: Incandescence

What they wanted to achieve: They wanted many things :)

Firstly to be "branded" and secondly to have a website that would be both dazzling and more optimised for search engines.

What we did: Working very closely with the client we created a fresh new identity that could tie together all their communications materials, together with a new website that they could update from a high wire in Hong Kong if necessary.

How we did it: We chose an element from one of their performances to be the key brand identity, the hooped acrobat, and combined this with the use of rich backgrounds and a distinctive style. We worked extremely closely on every element with the client as the website had to represent their own style and performances. The website itself is a clever mix of bespoke database driven content and imagery that can be updated via the internet.

How they maintain it: Customer own maintenance

What they think of it: They specifically have said they want to write this... we are still waiting Satya, get off those high hoops and tap something out.

Website: www.incandescence.co.uk


Incandescence website screenshot Incandescence website screenshot Incandescence website screenshot

Jake: market leading web design and online shop wizard in Cornwall

Tim: surfing Cornwall and producing innovative marketing and website communications

Kind of nice to put a face to a name we think :)