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An NHS campaign to save thousands...

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Company: Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Primary Care Trust, NHS

Campaign 1: Poster to raise awareness of medicine waste.

What they wanted to achieve: To save thousands of pounds beginning in February on wasted prescription medicines.

What we did: A postcard and poster campaign to raise awareness of the issues. The first campaign you can see on the left; we did a subsequent campaign with some upfront consultancy to specifically target multi-prescription customers.

Campaign 2: Brochure to accompany prescriptions raising awareness of medicine waste.

What they wanted to achieve: To continue to save on wasted prescription medicines.

What we did: A brochure that is specifically targeted at multi-prescription customers to raise awareness of the issues surrounding wasted prescription medicines.

How we did it: We talked through the problem with their manager and it appeared there were two issues that needed communicating, and both were distinctly different, almost counter posed. We suggested combining the 2 messages on one medium and then putting them in with the prescriptions themselves. The result - the message gets to the people who need to receive it with the medicines.

What they think of it: "It was a tight timescale and we were impressed with their professionalism and ability to understand the issues and come up with a solution to a complex and conflicting message."
Dan Thomas, Medicines Management.

Website: they have one...

Jake: market leading web design and online shop wizard in Cornwall

Tim: surfing Cornwall and producing innovative marketing and website communications

Kind of nice to put a face to a name we think :)